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RO Ch Yarrancoly Hippy Hippy Shake CDX RM TK S Yarrancoly Kickn Up A Storm  JDX SD GD SPDX Yarrancoly Way To Cool  CCD CDX RA
"Phoebe"   Owner: Jeanette Whiteway "Cooper"  Owner: Lynn Madden "Ted"  Owner: Wendy Nichols
Yarrancoly Girl Gone Wild JD SPD Yarrancoly Damn Sure AD JDO JDX GD Yarrancoly Stepping Up A Gear CCD RN
"Miley"  Owner: Lynn Madden "Joey"  Owner: Veronica Ward "Fynn"  Owner: Julie West-Moens
Yarrancoly Wildest Dreams JD SD Yarrancoly Kickstart My Heart CCD RN Yarrancoly Devil In The Dust RE TK S
"Stormy"  Owner: Lynn Madden "Diva"  Owner: Penny Baldock "Spirit"  Owner: Jeanette Whiteway
Yarrancoly Whiskey Rebel JDO JDX GD    
"Rebel"  Owner: Veronica Ward    


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